Dipl. Ing. (FH) Ewald Schilberz

Manager SPENSO

About us

SPENSO GmbH emerged from Pro.TrainingTours GmbH www.protrainingtours.de .


Pro.TrainingTours has been organising training trips for performance-oriented recreational and professional athletes since 1989. Among other things, SPENSO specialises in training stays and camps for swimming groups and triathletes. The approx. 30 training pools offered in the early spring for swimmers and triathletes in Southern Europe are heated using fossil fuels without exception – even though there is already enough solar energy to heat the pool water in March!


The managing director of Pro.TrainingTours GmbH, Ewald Schilberz, has developed solutions for implementing technologies in Southern European hotels that have already been in use for heating municipal pools in Central Europe for about 30 years, particularly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Findings obtained from numerous discussions with solarthermics experts finally led to the product Solarthermie². Solarthermie² combines solar pool heating during off-season and winter terms with drinking water heating in the summer season!


Thanks to its long-standing experience in professional sport, Pro.TrainingTours has been active as a consulting firm for the development of professional sport concepts on behalf of hotels, holiday regions and resort communities for many years.


Their most recent project:  GLORIA SPORTS ARENA


In future, this business area will also be part of SPENSO GmbH!